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Nutritional values for the D-A-CH region

Initially, in addition to the data provided in the BLS, the ÖNWT only listed specifically Austrian foods. Today, however, it contains over 10,000 entries with relevance outside of Austria which can be used in the whole D-A-CH region.

The Austrian Food Composition Database (ÖNWT, Österreichische Nährwerttabelle) is a vertical (= additional foods and products) and horizontal (= additional data per food) extension of the BLS. The BLS primarily consists of generic entries, i.e. general, unidentified basic foods. The ÖNWT mostly contains commercial products, labels and specific companies’ products.

The ÖNWT lists common products for the average consumer (dairy, bread and pastry, sweets, etc.) as well as particular products for specific target groups (e.g. formula, baby food, sports nutrition, sip feeds and supplementary nutrition). Moreover, it contains entries intended for communal catering (semi-finished products and prepared foods) as well as ingredients for calculating nutritional values in the food industry (flavourings, binding agents, etc.). Furthermore, the ÖNWT provides the nutritional values for over 1200 recipes along with the ingredients and cooking instructions.

The ÖNWT contains information about nutritional values and allergens, synonyms as well as portion sizes. In addition, most entries name the food’s properties according to TCM (element, organs, thermal nature, indication).

Upon request by our customers, new entries are added to the ÖNWT free of charge. We incorporate the products in the ÖNWT (along with the product name and the company), making them thus available to our customers.

ÖNWT and BLS provide data on 120 ingredients and nutritional values for every entry with no missing values. The data provided by the food producer (e.g. the Big 8 on the packaging, internet, further specifications) is completed with the missing nutritional information in a scientifically comprehensible way.

We publish the ÖNWT in collaboration with the Department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Vienna.

Available for BLS and ÖNWT:

  • 130 nutritional values with no values missing or empty

  • The 14 allergens according to the FIC regulation (regulation on the provision of food information to consumers)

  • Categorisation according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

  • Portion and package sizes

  • Synonyms, product names, company names

The ÖNWT expands the BLS

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